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Heard In Iran: 30 Years After the Revolution

Over the past two weeks, Radio Farda aired a series of special programs in Iran exploring the legacy of the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The coverage culminated in a live, three-hour broadcast on February 10- that brought together political activists, scholars, and citizens to discuss the meaning of the revolution and the future of Iran [listen in Persian]. RFE/RL's English website also has extensive coverage of the 30 year anniversary, including transcripts of interviews aired on Radio Farda with former British Foreign Secretary David Owen, former American hostage John Limbert, and an Iranian photojournalist who captured some of the most memorable images of the revolution.

Open Phone Lines
February 10 -- Radio Farda took phone calls from listeners on the anniversary of the revolution. One caller from Tehran said Iranians have lost their individual freedoms since the creation of the Islamic Republic. Another listener in Tehran said the regime has been making unrealistic assurances to the people for three decades: "They've been promising us the moon," he said [listen to more in Persian].

Three Decades of Survival: Why the Revolution Won't Go Away
February 8 -- Radio Farda examines how the theocrats manage to retain their grip on power 30 years later [read in Persian].

"Gender Apartheid" in Iran
February 9 -- Women's rights activists and sociologists from Iran, France and the US discuss what the revolution meant for women's rights in Iran. One participant says the revolution created "a kind of gender apartheid" [read in Persian].

The Decline of Arts in Iran
February 8 -- The revolution brought a ban on dancing, restrictions on movies, censorship in literature, and other crackdowns against the arts. Radio Farda interviews prominent Iranian writers, film directors and performers who recount their experiences in the past three decades [read in Persian].

Iran's Nuclear Program Then and Now
February 9 -- Was Iran's nuclear program during the Shah's regime controversial before the revolution? What are the nuclear policy differences between President Ahmadinejad and former President Khatami? Radio Farda asked these questions and others to four top experts on Iran's nuclear history [listen in Persian].

The Revolution in Pictures
Radio Farda's website has a photo gallery of pictures from the 1979 revolution [view].