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Heard In Iran: The Return of Khatami

The Return of Khatami
February 9 -- A former reformist member of the Iranian parliament tells Radio Farda that a Khatami victory in the upcoming presidential elections would have "a positive impact" on relations between Iran and the West. [listen in Persian / read article in English].

Reviving the "Moribund" US-Iran Relationship
February 10 -- The most senior US diplomat held in Tehran during the hostage crisis, Bruce Laingen, tells Radio Farda that "You can't restore a relationship with a stroke of a pen when that relationship has been moribund for 30 years. It has to be a gradual process of reaching out, trying to focus on common interests -- and we have a lot of shared interests with Iran." [read in Persian]

Militia Mobilized Against "Soft Overthrow"
February 8 -- The Basij militia has orders to fight a "soft overthrow" of the Iranian government, according to the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC). A Tehran-based journalist tells Radio Farda that, while it's not clear what a "soft overthrow means," it's likely an excuse to crack down on "any activity which displeases the government." [read in Persian]

Jailed Student Launches Hunger Strike
February 9 -- A Shiraz University student tells Radio Farda that a jailed classmate has begun a hunger strike to protest recent crackdowns on free expression. [listen in Persian]

Radio Farda Looks Back At Iranian Revolution
February 11 -- Over the past two weeks, Radio Farda aired a series of programs exploring the legacy of the 1979 Iranian Revolution. For more information on Farda coverage of the anniversary and its legacy, read a special issue of "Heard This Week in Iran."