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Heard In Iran: Iran Blocking Websites Supporting Khatami's Presidential Bid

Dozens of Iranian Students Arrested, Injured At Protest
February 23 -- About 70 students from Tehran's Amir Kabir University were detained for protesting the state-sponsored burial of five soldiers who died in the Iran-Iraq War on the school's grounds. Some students held placards saying: "Universities have Turned into Cemeteries." [read in English or Persian]. The next day, a website affiliated with the students posted a video of the clashes [read more in English or Persian and see the video ].

Women Flogged for Supporting Workers' Rights
February 21 -- Authorities lashed two female workers in Iran's Kurdistan province as punishment for participating in a pro-workers' rally on May Day last year. Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi told Radio Farda that the women should be admired, not abused, for championing workers' rights [read in Persian]. Another activist arrested on May Day spoke to Radio Farda about his "trial," which lasted a mere 15 minutes [read in Persian].

Iran Blocking Websites Supporting Khatami's Presidential Bid
February 22 -- An Iranian journalist told Radio Farda that the regime's crackdown on websites promoting Mohammad Khatami's candidacy "will backfire, making his presidential bid even stronger" [listen in Persian].

Nuclear Issue a Major Obstacle to Better Iran-US Ties
February 23 -- Can US-Iran relations improve if Iran remains ambiguous about its nuclear program? Are there signs that Iran is reconsidering its positions? In Radio Farda's weekly roundtable, "Viewpoints," political and military experts answer these questions and more [read more in Persian].