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Heard in Iran: American Journalist Detained

American Journalist Detained in Iran
March 2 -- Authorities have detained Roxana Saberi, a 31 year-old former Miss North Dakota who has been in Iran for six years doing freelance reporting for NPR, the BBC, and other media. Saberi's Iranian-born father told Radio Farda that she has been in custody since the end of January. [more in English and Persian]

Jailed Student in Critical Condition
February 27 -- After being allowed to visit his son in jail for only five minutes, the father of a student at Esfahan University told Radio Farda that his son "could barely stand, was shaking, and had bruises on his face." [listen in Persian]

Labor Activists Arrested, Missing
March 1 -- A lawyer representing three workers at the Haft-Tapeh sugarcane factory told Radio Farda that his clients have been arrested and their whereabouts are unknown. [listen in Persian / read in English]

Honor Killings in Iran
March 3 -- Recently, a 16 year-old girl in Tehran was murdered by her father in what is described as an "honor killing." On Radio Farda's weekly program dedicated to women's issues, "The Other Voice," an Iranian sociologist said "excessive control over Iranian women in society has given men more power at home. A society in which a father kills his own daughter instead of protecting her is diseased." [more in Persian]

The Iranian Presidential Election: Hopes and Fears
March 1 -- Experts on Radio Farda's weekly roundtable, "Viewpoints," wonder whether Iran can hold fair elections and discuss the projected turnout for the upcoming presidential election [listen in Persian]. Also, in a program called "Your Voice is Farda's Voice," listeners call in to talk about the impact Iran's economic conditions will have on the election [listen in Persian].