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Heard In Iran: Listeners Hail Roxana Saberi's Release

Listeners Hail Roxana Saberi's Release

May 11 -- A visitor to from Tehran welcomed the Iranian-American journalist's release, writing that "once more, Iranians have stood up against injustice." Another visitor wrote that Saberi's arrest showed the "hollowness" and "fragility" of the Iranian regime [read in Persian]. A spokesman for Human Rights Watch said many Iranians jailed for speaking out "have undergone similar treatment at the hands of Iran's judiciary. We can only hope that they, too, will see some justice." [listen in Persian]

Baha'i Leaders May Face New Charges

May 12 -- Seven Baha'i leaders who have spent the last year in jail have told their families they may soon face new charges of "spreading corruption on Earth" that could lead to the death penalty. [read in Persian]

Women's Rights Activists Barred from Leaving Iran

May 10 -- A member of the National Peace Council and a colleague had their passports confiscated at the airport as they were about to travel to a conference in Guatemala on the role of women in a democratic society, and were asked to appear before the Revolutionary Court within 72 hours. [read in Persian]

Fate of Hundreds Arrested on May Day Unknown

May 13 -- A labor activist said that demonstrators arrested on May Day are being held without charge in the infamous Section 209 of Tehran's Evin Prison and denied visitation with their families and lawyers. [read in Persian]

Labor Activist in Critical Conditions

May 12 -- The mother of labor leader Mansour Osanlou said his health has deteriorated since he was jailed in 2006 and that she has written a letter to the head of Iran's Judiciary calling for his release. She said, "when I took [the letter] to his office, the authorities refused to receive it and totally ignored me... To whom should I appeal now?" [listen in Persian]

Independent Candidates and Iran's Presidential Election

May 10 -- An independent candidate for Iran's presidential election, a journalist and a media freedom activist discuss the impact of independent candidates on Iran's presidential election in the weekly roundtable "Viewpoints". [read in Persian]