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Heard In Iran: A Choice Between Bad and Worse in Election

Iranians React to Obama's Cairo Speech

June 4 -- Following President Obama's speech in Egypt, Radio Farda's listeners in Iran called in with comments. A Tehran University student named Sadegh Zibakalam contrasted Obama's rhetoric with that of Ayatollah Khamenei: "The Supreme Leader's views of the US and the West is the usual radical and aggressive fare, while President Obama has extended his hand to others, including Muslims. When one listens to Obama, one can see light at the end of the tunnel" [listen in Persian]. Another young Iranian listener called in from Zahedan and urged the US not to ignore Iran's human rights violations while it pursues better relations with Tehran. [listen in Persian]

Iran's Presidential Election: A Choice between Bad and Worse?

June 9 -- Former Iranian President Abolhassan Banisadr told Radio Farda that he believes Iranians are voting against candidates they do not like. He said that voting for one of the four candidates is essentially choosing between bad and worse. [read in Persian]

The Election and the Nuclear Standoff

June 10 -- Oxford University's George Joffe told Radio Farda that the election may not impact the substance of the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the West. However, he said that, if Ahmadinejad loses, "the tone and atmosphere surrounding the negotiations will change." [listen in Persian]

Ideological Fervor on the Wane

June 9 -- A Washington-based scholar told Radio Farda that Iranian voters no longer consider ideology a major factor in their choice for president. Rather he said they are taking democratic and civil values into account: "This makes Iran a society in transition." [read in Persian]