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Heard In Iran: A Coup That Betrayed the Iranian People

Flash Video Analysis: Khameini's Friday Sermon

June 19 - Iranian Supreme Leader delivered an eagerly awaited address at Friday prayers at Tehran University. In it, he signaled a hard line against public protests and strong backing for the country's "legitimate" president, Mahmud Ahmadinejad. RFE/RL's Golnaz Esfandiari has more. [watch in English]

Continuing Coverage of Iran's Post-Election Protests

For access all of RFE/RL's and Radio Farda's continuing coverage of the post-election protests in Iran in English, please visit the RFE/RL website and RFE/RL's "Iranian Election Diary" weblog.

Farda Covers Spreading Unrest

June 16 -- A doctor in a Tehran ER told Radio Farda that six people were killed and dozens were shot and injured during demonstrations. A nurse at an Esfahan ER said he saw girls who were shot in the eye with a pellet gun [listen in Farsi]. A protestor in northern Tehran told Radio Farda that people are not scared anymore. "How many more can they kill?" [listen in Farsi].

June 15 -- A witness told Radio Farda: "I was walking with my 15-year-old brother when the Basij militia fired shots and my brother was hit in his kidney." [read in Farsi]

June 13 -- Another protestor said she saw security forces beat not only the protestors, but passersby, women, and children. [listen in Farsi]

All week, Radio Farda also reported live from demonstrations in Oslo, London, Paris, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Dubai, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Sydney.

Leader Faces Lose-Lose Situation

June 17 -- Religious scholar and journalist Mohammad Javad Akbarin told Radio Farda that no matter how the Supreme Leader reacts to the protests, it is a lose-lose proposition. [read in Farsi]

Seminary Teacher Doubts Election Results

June 17 -- Prominent Qom Seminary instructor Mohammad Ali Ayazi said his school has issued a statement calling for the formation of a truth committee to investigate the election results. [read in Farsi]

A "Coup" That "Betrayed the Iranian People"

June 15 -- Dissident cleric Ahmad Ghabel told Radio Farda that the establishment has staged a coup and is now intimidated because it is well aware that it has betrayed the Iranian people. [listen in Farsi]

Cleric: "Establishment Fears Democracy"

June 13 -- In an exclusive interview with Radio Farda, Iranian reformist cleric Hassan Yusefi Eshkevari said the authorities fear democracy and are taking revenge on the people, especially the youth. [read in Farsi or English]

A Vote for "No"

June 15 -- Noted dissident journalist and writer Akbar Ganji told Radio Farda that voters were trying to say "No" to the regime. [read in Farsi]