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Heard In Iran: Protesters Buried in Unmarked Graves

Post-Vote Protesters Buried in Secret, Unmarked Graves

August 25 -- Dozens of victims of post-election violence were secretly buried in Tehran's Behesht-i Zahra Cemetery, according to a report by the reformist "" website. The website's editor said, "We found out how many burial permits were issued for those who were illegally interred from cemetery employees. Their graves, unlike those of ordinary people, bear no names." [read in Farsi / read in English]

Ebadi Calls Trials "A Parody of Justice"

August 27 -- Nobel Peace prize-winner and prominent Iranian lawyer Shirin Ebadi has condemned the ongoing trials of those detained following the post-election unrest in Iran. In an exclusive interview, Ebadi described the trials as "wizardry" and a "parody" of Iranian justice. [read in English]

Show Trials Intended to Boost Repression

August 26 -- An Iranian sociologist says the indictments presented during the trials underway against post-election protesters are not meant to influence either the Iranian people, or the world. Majid Mohammadi said the purpose of such show trials is to bolster the morale of the Basij and plainclothes agents responsible for implementing the crackdown. [read in Farsi]

Former Candidate's Son Charged

August 25 -- Hossein Karrubi, the son of reformist cleric and presidential candidate Mehdi Karrubi, said he had been charged with "propaganda against the establishment, spreading prostitution, attempting to [assist] rioters... But the accusations against me were mainly based on my interviews with foreign media." [read in Farsi / read in English]

Ex-Tehran University Chancellor Arrested

August 23 -- The wife of Mohammad Maleki told Radio Farda that she did not want to let security forces enter her home: "I told them that they have previously planted opium and guns in many locations [where they have arrested others] and claimed them as evidence." [read in Farsi]

Jailed Reformists Mentally and Physically Abused

August 21 -- The wife of journalist Ahmad Zeidabadi told Radio Farda he had been kept isolated in solitary confinement, and was not interrogated, for 35 days: "Ahmad told me that he was on the verge of insanity, and only thought of how to kill himself" [read in Farsi]. The wife of jailed reformist Feizollah Arabsorkhi said her husband was beaten for refusing to attend the recent mass trials [read in Farsi].