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Heard In Iran - Deadly Attack Against Iran's Revolutionary Guards

Memorial photos of Revolutionary Guard members killed in October 19 attack.
Memorial photos of Revolutionary Guard members killed in October 19 attack.

Deadly Attack Against Iran's Revolutionary Guards

October 19 -- Iranian state media report that at least 42 people were killed in southeastern Iran in an attack against the country's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). "Unfortunately we have a regime that wants to solve everything and push its plans through military means," London-based analyst Abdol Sattar Doshoki told Radio Farda. [read in Farsi / read in English]

Film Director Barred from Leaving Iran

October 15 -- Iranian film director Jafar Panahi told Radio Farda that his passport was seized at the airport when he was leaving for Paris: "The government itself is responsible for such measures -- the very government which has not let me make a movie for the past four years." [read in Farsi]

Students Barred from Entering Universities

October 16 -- An activist at Razi University in western Iran told Radio Farda that the head of the university has prohibited "students whose presence endangers the university" from entering the campus. At Tehran's Azad University, 14 activists have been barred from entering. [listen in Farsi]

Iranian Journalists Take Refuge Abroad

October 15 -- An increasing number of Iranian journalists have left the country since the disputed presidential election in June. Journalist Mehdi Mohseni, who left Iran after the election, says Iran has turned into a "hell for journalists," and those displaced in nearby countries still face "deplorable" conditions. [listen in Farsi]

Associates and Family Members of Nobel Prize Winner Harassed

October 21 -- Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi told Radio Farda that agents of Iran's Intelligence Ministry tried to force her sister to give up her apartment in Ebadi’s building: "Such extralegal measures are not only taken against my family, but against a lot of relatives of civil activists abroad." Two of her assistants and several colleagues have also faced threats. [listen in Farsi]