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'History Shall Register All'

President Mahmud Ahmadinejad (left) hugs judiciary Chief Mahmud Hashemi Shahrudi after the presidential swearing-in ceremony in parliament on August 5.
Blogger Webriz says history will show Mahmud Ahamdinejad's true colors:

The youth are still trembling in their graves. How can you take an oath, Claimer of the Presidency!

Keep in mind the flight, the bird is diminishable.

I am just happy with history; an ancient history full of experiences. The history that was capable of witnessing and listening throughout the centuries and registered all within itself. It warned the generations to come of the past. Warned them of all true happenings of the past, anything that may have covered itself with the colors of truth, the history knew its true colors and unveiled it as time passed. The history registers everyone with their true colors, may it be Stalin or Gandhi. History shall unveil everything someday.

Today, another page is going to be written in history's books. It might dupe you with its sweet appearance, but it is actually filled with the bitterness of injustice and cruelty's poison. It shall be written today and it shall be read in the future. The only thing that I am glad for.

Today, as our youth suffocate in their grave without being given the chance of a fair trial; as some are imprisoned and moaning due to the tortures inflicted upon them; as the mothers bearing the grief of their children are not allowed to grieve; as mothers remain restless, awaiting the freedom of their innocent children from prison; and all those who have suffered the consequences of this cruelty and injustice and have been deprived of their own rights witness; an oath-taking ceremony [took] place and history shall register it as follows:

"I, as the President, pledge before the Holy Koran and the Iranian nation, upon the almighty God to be the guardian of the formal religion, the government of Islamic Republic and the National Law. I shall utilize all my abilities in fulfilling the responsibilities to which I have been designated. I shall sacrifice myself on the path of satisfying my people, prosperity of my country, promotion of religion and morals, and be the abettor of justice and protector of rights. I shall support freedom and respect personal realms and individual rights that the National Law has outlined for the nation."

History shall register all.

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