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Honoring RFE/RL Journalists In Bucharest

Monica Lovinescu
Monica Lovinescu
There is a growing campaign in Romania to name two large boulevards in Bucharest after two RFE/RL journalists, Monica Lovinescu and Virgil Ierunca. The city originally planned to name two small squares after the journalists, but a number of civil society organizations and trade unions have written to the mayor of Bucharest asking that they give their names to two boulevards in a residential area instead.

That particular part of Bucharest (see map) is where the communist nomenklatura and former high-ranking Securitate officers were living (and some still do).

At the crossing of these two boulevards, the letter writers have asked the Bucharest mayor to erect a statue in memory of "the fight and resistance of the spirit against communism."

It comes as a fitting time, as August 1 was RFE/RL's last broadcast to Romania. Eugen Tomiuc wrote a moving tribute to the service.

-- Oana Serafim

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