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Honoring Russia's Constitution In Swimsuits

Miss World 2008, Kseniya Sukhinova
Miss World 2008, Kseniya Sukhinova
It was a good weekend for beauty pageants.

A Russian woman won the Miss World 2008 title. And on December 12, Moscow was host to a Miss Constitution pageant, organized by the Nashi youth group.

The "Los Angeles Times" has a fantastic write-up:

In between trilling traditional songs extolling the Moscow scenery and strutting in their bathing suits, the blond from Rostov-on-Don and three other nubile finalists paused to answer questions about authority, state obligations and the role of the elite.

"Who is the only source of authority in the Russian Federation?" the announcer asked.

"The multiethnic people of the Russian Federation!" one of the women fired back

It didn't always go according to the script though:

"What is the highest form of expression of the authority of the people?" the announcer asked.

"Uh," the dimpled brunet from Moscow hesitated. "Can I call a friend?"

Still better, I guess, than the standard fare of " How would you achieve world peace?" or "What is the greatest gift you can give a child?"

-- Luke Allnutt

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