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Hope And Trust

Iranians waiting to vote in Tehran on June 12.
Iranians waiting to vote in Tehran on June 12.
Ahmadnia, a university professor in Tehran, hopes that the trust Iranians are displaying in their political system is fulfilled:

One of the positive factors of my age is that I was able to witness both the pre- and post-revolution period.

These days, I see an uncontrollable excitement and clamor among our people, especially the youth, which is maybe similar to what I witnessed around the time of the [1979] revolution.

I am looking forward to seeing this hope, which is now observable among our youth, blossom.

I believe that the active participation of people in the political realm is what one of the officials of the country also called a sign of trust. Trust that the will of people can actually be fulfilled.

I hope that this self-confidence and belief present in the nation regarding the impact of their vote, doesn't turn into despair.

We are a "witness," witness to defining moments in the history of this country.

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