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How Not To Do Your Official Bio

Hojatoleslam Mohseni Ejei
Hojatoleslam Mohseni Ejei
The official biography of Iran’s new state prosecutor, Hojatoleslam Mohseni Ejei, has been receiving a good deal of scrutiny in the Iranian blogosphere.

It's been changed now, but up until a few days ago, it contained some rather bizarre highlights:

As head of the special court for clergy Gholam Hossein Moseni Ejei bit journalist Issa Saharkhiz during a fight at the weekly meeting of the press advisory council. Saharkhiz‘s complaint against him has not been investigated yet.

Akbar Ganji (eds: a prominent investigative journalist who has published a number of books and articles about the murders of political activists and intellectuals in the late 1980s) implicated him in the serial murders of intellectuals in his books.

Ejei was Iran’s intelligence minister but was reportedly dismissed in July by Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad.

The accusations against Ejei and his encounter with Saharkhiz, who is currently in jail, are fairly well known but it's more than a little odd that the state prosecutor's official website would mention them in his bio.

Of course it's quite possible that the site was hacked. Or perhaps it was a monumental gaffe by the state prosecutor's office.

-- Golnaz Esfandiari

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