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'Hypocrites' At Friday Prayers Again?

Blogger Lotfan inja Chort Nazanid (No Napping Here, Please) has seen some of the photos of the faithful outside Friday Prayers on July 17, when Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani delivered the sermon. He doesn't like what he sees.

The blogger compares Musavi supporters to members of the banned Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), a group that's despised by many Iranians -- who deride them as "hypocrites" -- and is included on the U.S. list of foreign terrorist organizations:

Hashemi [Rafsanjani] said that the July 17 Friday Prayers were similar to those of the early days of the revolution.

Hashemi was right...

Pictures speak volumes.

Lotfan inja Chort Nazanid posts five photos from various sources and questions their piety.

Musavi supporters, men and women, who prayed next to each other at Friday Prayers brought back for Iranians memories of the hypocrites praying at the Friday Prayers in the early years of the revolution.

In the captions, he notes that some are praying with their shoes on, and that women and men are praying side-by-side, which is generally forbidden.

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