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I Would Like To Thank Ahmadinejad For Uniting Us All!

A man in Brussels wears an Ahmadinejad mask at a protest against the disputed election.
A man in Brussels wears an Ahmadinejad mask at a protest against the disputed election.
Blogger Zeitun (Olive) says many Iranians have become united as the result of their opposition to Mahmud Ahmadinejad:

We have to accept the fact that sometimes an enemy may become a source of good. I can recall the times before elections when our group was scattered. We hated each other. Some said Reza Pahlavi has to return, while others would retort by saying that the solution is the "Freedom Movement." Some said the "Participation Front" is a better option when the others said [Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization leader] Maryam Rajavi must become the president. Some others were the supporters of the communist labor party. Someone else said the government should be Imam Ali's government of equity. Each one of us supported someone in our blogs while our comment boxes filled with opposition nasty comments.

Filmmaker Majid Majidi commented in favor of the government that made us all roar.

We hated it when those artists, journalists and so on, received any appreciation from the mayor or any governmental organ.

Disputes continued among ourselves during these past 30 years while we knew we weren't going to reach anywhere in such a scattered manner.

It was these elections and the corruption along with Ahmadinejad and his colleagues' behavior that united us all in protest. We would all appreciate Majid Majidi writing a protest letter, or any actor or artist or journalist publishing a critical article. Ahmad Azizi's green bandage on his hospital bed while he is unconscious brings tears of joy into our eyes.

We'd like to die for the mayor of Tehran, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, whom we didn't vote for in the previous elections, when he says that there were 3 million of us at the demonstration.

Larijani, whom we neither liked in the broadcasting management seat nor as the speaker of the parliament, becomes our hero when he says they are going to investigate the issue of the university dormitory attacks.

We want to jump into the air when [Freedom Movement leader] Ebrahim Yazdi emphasizes the need for the creation of a broad front.

Mohsen Rezai, who was a member of the Revolutionary Guard in our eyes, becomes tagged as the "Gentleman of the History" when he confidently turns down Ahmadinejad.

We appreciate Mehdi Karrubi when he stays side by side with Musavi instead of crying over his own matter.

Even Musavi and [ex-President Mohammad] Khatami, whom some have called a coward, have been standing with people and they and our vote have made us feel proud.

All of us take part in the protests. Each one of us feels concerned for the other. When they use tear gas, we offer each other masks and water. We keep our homes and shops open to the protesters to save them without inquiring about each other's religion or customs. We all cry when anyone among us is wounded or killed. We all demand the release of the recent political prisoners. We all want Ahmadinejad to leave. We shall settle our other matters later.

Who other than him was able to unite us like this?

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