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If You're In The Market For A Good Embalmer, Just Ask Russia...

Master embalmers
Master embalmers
Though they couldn't do the same for the Soviet economy, Russian scientists this week were given dozens of medals and other awards by Vietnam for their role in embalming and keeping Ho Chi Minh's earthly remains preserved for display in the 40 years since his death.

From Reuters:

Vietnam has awarded medals to Russian embalmers and scientists who have helped preserve the body of revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh since he died 40 years ago, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

In all, the Vietnamese embassy in Russia presented 34 medals and badges of appreciation to medical and technical experts in Moscow at a ceremony on Wednesday, it said.

Ambassador Bui Dinh Dinh "gave a high appraisal of the role and work of experts from the Soviet Union before and the Russian Federation later who helped Vietnam reach a level and means of modern technology to perform the sacred duty of carefully preserving His body", the report said.

-- Andy Heil

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