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'If The Sedition Is Dead, Then Why Do You Speak Behind The Back Of The Dead?'

Mehdi Karrubi, former parliament speaker and one of the current opposition leaders, asks "if the sedition is dead, why is there no end to your arrests?"
During an October 30 meeting with the families of political prisoners Hassan Assadi Zeidabadi and Ali Jamali, opposition leader Mehdi Karrubi said:

Those who claim they have brought the Green movement under control the, if that is the case why do they speak of sedition every day. If the sedition is dead, then why do you speak behind the back of the dead? And why are they interested in its every move? And if the sedition is dead, why is there no end to your arrests?

Karrubi added:

The situation is very bad and worrying. The work of the judicial and intelligence bodies has no legal justification. Unfortunately, judges have no influence, and interrogators from security agencies have the last word. [...] The legal and right-seeking movement of the Iranian people continues. You -- with your arrests and all your propaganda -- can’t stop it, and the people’s movement for reforms will continue until it reaches some results.

Hassan Assadi Zeidabadi and Ali Jamali, who are both members of Iran’s largest reformist student organization's alumni organization, were arrested in the post-election crackdown.

-- Golnaz Esfandiari

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