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It Gets Better, As Long As You're Not On Twitter

I think it's pretty safe to say now that the Internet is a neutral medium. Two very compelling examples of that in the last week.

We have the "It Gets Better" campaign started by advice columnist Dan Savage, the idea being to let young gay people know that, however bad their lives might be in their teens, it gets better.

Savage began the campaign after hearing about the suicide of teenager, Billy Lucas.

And then trending on Twitter today, we have #stopthatthatsgay, which as you can imagine is full of tweets that are at best a bit juvenile and at worst rabidly homophobic. There's also a good deal of tweets calling out the topic for being homophobic, but of course by using the hashtag, it just keeps it alive.

The video above, now added to, is a Texas councilman Joel Burns speaking up at a city council meeting on October 12 about teens bullied for being gay. It's an incredibly moving and compelling speech.