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Kyrgyz Unrest On Twitter

If you're following Kyrgyzstan, then there's a few hash tags on Twitter to watch: #freekg, #bishkek, and #kyrgyzstan (a lot of the stuff is in Russian).

A quick sample of tweets:

catfitz Call on youtube from young man asking for volunteers 2 form patrols 2 keep order in Bishkek #freekg

IdoLiven Witness @ #Bishkek: "Whole night, shopping malls&offices were robbd,smashd,crackd.Evrybody's responsible 4 the happnings.Evrybody has fault"

coach_char RT @freebalance: #Bishkek remains calm, local people cautiously optimistic, bit too much hyperbole from media like #bbc #kyrgyzstan

kevinnomad White House is being looted as of 1100 and there are no police in center. The power vacuum is dangerous. #freekg #newkg #bishkek #kyrgyzstan

And opposition politician Roza Otunbaeva, who has said she is the head of a temporary "caretaker" government, is tweeting here, mostly in Russian.

-- Luke Allnutt

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