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More Voicemail To Radio Farda

More voicemail messages to Radio Farda on June 16:

I am calling you from Hamedan [city in central Iran]. Three of my friends and I voted for Ahmadinejad, but after such brutal suppression I am so regretful about voting for Ahmadinejad and I am going to join my friends to support Musavi.

One thing that I'm not seeing now is the clerics! If the university and seminaries are the same, what are the seminary guys doing now? What do they think? Do they agree with the results? Are they opposing it? Are they scared?

I ask you to accept this reality: Ahmadinejad won the election and there is no alternative to that, and all of his supporters are standing up, even if they die, and I do, too.

Mr. Khamenei, you said that the shah was a dictator and ignored the people's rights, but what has happened in Iran today? Open your eyes and look at the whole country, is this the way of living like Ali [first Shi'ite imam]? Shame on you! I swear to God! Look at the people's rights that have been ignored. They voted for Musavi, but you have selected Ahmadinejad.

I am calling you from Bahrain. I just wanted to say that here most people voted for Musavi, but we saw many Bahraini citizens who came to the embassy with Bahraini passports but with Iranian birth certificates, and voted for Ahmadinejad.

Musavi and Ahmadinejad are the same; they have been suppressing the people for 30 years. Has he come from somewhere else? He [Musavi] has been with them for 30 years.

I want to say something to Ahmadinejad's supporters, because during the vote counting on TV the candidates' vote percentages didn't change, therefore it was clear that the people's votes didn't count. It means even Ahmadinejad's votes didn't count, it means the regime didn't even respect Ahmadinejad's supporters, it means that it was insulting Ahmadinejad's supporters. It means the regime does not even need Ahmadinejad's supporters.