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More Voicemail To Radio Farda

Voicemail messages to Radio Farda on June 15:

I wanted to say that when it comes to receiving justice, people start shouting. Few people raise their voices to support injustice, but all people raise their voices for achieving justice.

I am Said from Rasht. There has been a crisis in my town for two days, but you did not cover the news. There is a big crisis between Olum-e- Payeh Hospital and Gaz Square, which is full of security forces with motorbikes, and plainclothes officers as well.

Hi I am calling from Kermanshah [western Iran]. Here in our city there's a big crisis. People have gathered in Enghelab Square and the city's main street. The security forces are beating people brutally. They do not care if they are women or men. They attacked the university last night and arrested many students. The situation here is very critical.

I ask you to listen to me, because this is not only my words, this is the words of much of the Iranian young generation, this is the voice of Yasuji [a town in southern Iran] guys. Yesterday the security forces were beating the people so badly, they beat girls, ladies. Why do you beat women!?

Now I am here in Naderi junction [center of Ahvaz in southwestern Iran], about 1,500 people now began to shout "Down with the dictator! Down with despotism!" The security forces are here, they are armed with Kalashnikovs, they are coming....

Radio Farda, please do not propagate against Ahmadinejad, he has won the election. In our village, everybody voted for him.

I am on my way, I am driving back, I just wanted to say, this time they committed fraud, what will they do next time? They are digging their grave with their own hands.