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More Voicemail To Radio Farda

Voicemail messages left for Radio Farda on June 19:

Mr. Khamenei said today at Friday Prayers that all four candidates are from "our side," but at the same time he said the people who are in the street are taking directions from outside Iran. But we know the people who are in the street support Musavi, and if they have something to say it's not about the whole system, they want to know what's happened to our votes. We do not get direction from anywhere, please don't label us this way. How it is possible that we take our direction from outside Iran, but Mr. Musavi is from the circle of power, of authority, and doesn't take direction from outside Iran?!

I am Mehdi from Hamedan (center of Iran). Mr. Khamenei wanted to say in Friday Prayers today that Mr. Musavi has nothing to do with the recent protests and all these demonstrations are directed by the external powers.

I was one of Musavi's representatives at the ballot boxes in Sirjan [southern Iran]. After the deadline for voting, one of the Ahmadinejad representatives went outside the building and brought a bag full of written votes and simply mixed them up with the other votes and when I began to complain they told me keep quiet or they will make me quiet.

As usual, the leader blamed the U.S. government and Western countries for these recent incidents. The only interesting point was when he said the president's view is similar to his [Khamenei's], and this is because he needs those few million people who voted for Ahmadinejad in special circumstances to support him [Khamenei].

Hello, I'm calling form Shiraz, I have a few questions. If 40 million people voted to support the whole political system, why do they have to block the communication facilities for these 40 million? If a candidate has encouraged the people to protest, why did the Guardians Council approve his candidacy? If there is no fraud in the election, why do the people come out on the street and ask for their votes? If a group of people attack public facilities and the people's security, why have you done nothing to stop them? What is your responsibility for those who come out in the street and ask for their rights?