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More Voicemail To Radio Farda

More voicemail messages left for Radio Farda on June 18:

I wanted to say here in Kermanshah [western Iran] there's a real crisis and three people have been killed by security forces. I ask the international organizations to help us, please do not leave us alone.

The condescension of Mr. Musavi is not acceptable. As time passes, the demonstrators' motivation will decrease. We ask him to be always among the people. They should finish the job as soon as possible, and they should know that the people will strongly support them.

I ask people who hear my voice: after 30 years there is a huge national movement against the government, please do not tell your kids to stay away from the rallies, "it is dangerous and they will kill you." I swear to God, these demonstrations are completely peaceful. Believe me, I'm depressed when I hear parents say to their kids, "do not go out on the street." If they don't go, who is going to go out for the demonstration? Who should go and demand our rights? Please encourage your kids to take part in peaceful demonstrations, they are right if they want to take back their votes. Please ignore your fear, fear is the brother of death.