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More Voicemail To Radio Farda

More voicemail messages left for Radio Farda on June 18:

Thirty years of killing, 30 years of lying, 30 years of hypocrisy, 30 years of the advancement of superstitions and foolishness, 30 years of theft and corruption, avoiding performances, 30 years in poverty and living without our identity, 30 years of wasting the national wealth, 30 years of prison and beatings, 30 years of the flight of brains from Iran and 30 years of thousands of other reasons. Do you really know what this 30 years means? It means wasting our life but the 22nd of Khordad [Election Day] is the beginning point of demolishing all those shameful years.

I am personally not pro-Ahmadinejad, yet I voted for him, because eventually somebody will come and say, "hey I am the Last Imam and the end of everything," he is the only one who can do this job.

I am calling you from Bandar Lengeh [in southern Iran], the Iranian people with the support of students will liberate Iran soon. Whatever they [authorities] do, it cannot stop the people.

Hi, I am one of those people who watched the ballot boxes. I was the representative of the governor on Election Day, in one of the cities of Khuzestan Province [southwestern Iran]. Unfortunately, I have been running from the security forces since the day after the election, as they found out that I am not with them. That is why I have not been able to contact Radio Farda so far. I have come to my relatives in another town and managed to contact you. I want to tell you that I myself saw the fraud. Although Ahmadinejad could win in some distant villages and towns, I saw very clear fraud in mobile ballot boxes. I want to say the greatest fraud took place in mobile ballot boxes. In some boxes when the votes were equal, there were serious offenses. Unfortunately, the people who can give you this information are under surveillance, their home and mobile telephones are watched closely by the intelligence services. I hope people around the world will not ignore this incident. Silence is the true oppressor of the Iranian people at this time.