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'Mr. Khamenei, I Wish You'd Feel Ashamed Of Yourself...'

Said Hajarian during a revolutionary court hearing in Tehran on August 25
Said Hajarian during a revolutionary court hearing in Tehran on August 25
Blogger "Peacefuliran" responds to a "roundtable" in which three senior reformists arrested in the postelection unrest appeared and said that they had undergone a change in prison. The families of the prisoners and rights groups say they are under pressure to make false confessions. Among those who appeared on state television was top reformist strategist, Said Hajarian, who was left partly paralyzed by an assassination attempt and has trouble speaking as a result:

Mr. Khamenei, I wish you'd feel ashamed of yourself, seeing the sick face of Said Hajarian in a wheelchair.
I wish you'd have given it some thought and quit these childish games in these, your final days before the downfall.
What you go through these days, seeing more than 70 years of your life completely wasted, I shall never know.
I know it's hard to accept such a great defeat.
A great pain troubles you from the inside when you see your closest friends have turned into your worst enemies.
But while you are enraged, in search of revenge,
Your followers' merciless claws -- after the lives of Said Hajarian and our other national hostages -- trouble us more and more each day.
You aim to weaken us so that we cannot continue our path
As you think witnessing Hajarian in pain would cause us to back off,
But you should know that we all, side-by-side with Hajarian, shall witness your downfall, and shall celebrate that day.

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