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Mr. Kordan Provides A Reminder Of Judgment Day

Interior Minister Ali Kordan takes the podium to defend himself before being impeached by Iran's parliament in November 2008.
Blogger Somayeh Tohidlou reacts to last month's death of controversial Iranian Interior Minister Ali Kordan, who was dismissed in November 2008 by the parliament for having presented a fake university certificate. Kordan died in late November following an illness:

I know that you no longer have time to pay attention to what is happening here. I write this for us and those who are influential.

Mr. Kordan! I was not on your side; I considered your becoming a minister an insult to myself as well as to my community, not because you didn't have a degree but because you told a big lie. But I was grieved to learn the news of your demise. Recently, when I heard about your deteriorating condition, I did pray for you; and even now I pray to the Almighty that your soul rests in peace. I hope God will judge you on the basis of your good deeds and overlook the bad ones.

Mr. Kordan! Rest assured, there it is not important for you to be a doctorate and have an Oxford University degree. There, the more important you are, the harsher is your judgment.

Mr. Kordan! I wish you could come and give witness, come and tell us how they judge with respect to the rights of the people. Come and tell us that one could overlook the divine rights as stated. I wish you could confirm that "God will give no one more than what they can bear" and that "Man was created with suffering" for those who have higher responsibilities, and we know the wiser, the more responsible.

I don't know why, the moment I heard about your demise, the idea of the Day of Judgment occurred to me -- the day we account for our responsibilities, the day for which they say you should you be a judge or a clergy, you are the first to be held accountable.

The idea of writing about death occurred to me; on the pretext of the final day, the Day of Judgment, when it is not man who judges. The day when there is justice. The day when there is mercy. The day when there is all kindness; all kindness for His people.

Mr. Kordan! You have reminded us of the day we die and that we should be prepared for it. You reminded us that one day you can be a minister and the next simply nothing. You reminded us to honor people's rights. You also reminded us that we will not be remembered if we are not good and honest.

Mr. Kordan! You have reminded us of the day of accountability.

Mr. Kordan! May you rest in peace.

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