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No Access To The Outside World

An Internet censorship banner in Iran
An Internet censorship banner in Iran
Blogger Baraneh is upset about Internet censorship in Iran, where tens of thousands of websites are blocked:

It's suffocating...I don't have access to anything; I can't even access my e-mail. All the websites are filtered. Our mobile phones are down as well. The SMS has malfunctioned since the very day of the presidential vote. The Internet phones don't work as well.

I'm going crazy...this is the only way for my access to the outer world. It's ridiculous, isn't it? Facebook and Twitter don't work. What's more laughable is that I can no longer access my e-mails at neither Yahoo nor Google. I think they have filtered out the pages whose address contains the term "e-mail."

Although I don't think those who have ADSL connections would be facing any trouble, with my dial-up connection everything is closed.

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