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Obama Suit A Hit In Bosnia

The "Obama" line produced by Borac
The "Obama" line produced by Borac
According to our South Slavic and Albanian Languages Service, Borac, a Bosnian textile factory, is sending one of its suits to the president-elect.

Apparently the single-breasted suits, called "Borac Obama," have been selling like hotcakes. The factory has sent a request to the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo to ask if it's possible to send one. They are still awaiting a reply.

"He is all smiles, he is young, he is ready to take the world's challenges upon himself and resolve all the world's problems. He brings some optimism to all of us in Bosnia," Ahmet Curic, the company's marketing director, said about the president-elect.

Apparently, the Obama suit costs 200 euros ($265), is being produced in four colors, and is made out of wool that doesn't itch.

Curic, however, said his goal is not to dress the U.S president-elect but to dress as many Americans as possible.

-- Luke Allnutt

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