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Offensive Chinese Blue Jeans

Where are Iran's protests over China's treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang, the blogger asks.
Blogger "Beautiful Mazandaran" is angry at China over its treatment of Uyghurs, but he is also offended by Chinese-made blue jeans:

I recently saw a picture in a friend's blog that really shocked me and I decided to write about it.

Most of us know that the communist government of China recently committed human rights abuses in the Muslim province of Xinjiang.

And we are all aware of the shameful silence of our government in reaction to those crimes. (We can for example compare it to Iran's reaction to the killings of Muslims in Bosnia).

Now China, in its latest ugly move, has produced and distributed jeans that have the name "Allah" and "In the name of Allah" inscribed on their pockets. From what I've heard these items have been distributed not only in China but also in our country.

In any case, people have the right to chant "Death to China" at Friday Prayers.

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