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Oh Hussein, Without Mir Hussein

A pro-government supporter holds up a crossed-out portrait of Mir Hossein Musavi during a mass rally in Tehran last month.
A pro-government supporter holds up a crossed-out portrait of Mir Hossein Musavi during a mass rally in Tehran last month.
Conservative blog "Masaebe Ahmadinejad" (The Hardships of Ahmadinejad) believes the Green movement is damaging Iran and that religion and faith will lead to the collapse of the movement:

“Oh Hossein, Mir Hossein." This was the slogan chanted by supporters of Mir Hossein Musavi during the election campaign. Several other religious symbols were used by this group, which if used properly would have been appreciated. But sadly it wasn’t so.

In Musavi's campaign posters, for instance, a partially veiled woman was shown holding a flag that said Muhammad on it. The objectionable part is when this woman danced while raising this flag. Tying green cloths on the pet dogs of our high-class women -- green cloths that used to be considered religious symbols but which have now been dragged through the mud by Musavi supporters -- is another side of the argument.

The uprising of Imam Hossein was based on freedom and release from the grasp of the oppressive. His bravery was another lesson of this uprising to Muslims; it taught them to have courage to stand up to the enemy, no matter if they outnumber you.

The basis of the Green movement is opposite to this, as the ones behind it are clear examples of Yazid, including the leaders of some Western nations who have the blood of numerous countries on their hands and who have supported and assisted this so-called movement in countless ways.

On the other hand, fear provided a reason for their crowd to shrink from hundreds of thousands into mere thousands in the following days. This is the actual basis of this movement: the fear of getting hit by batons forced them to stay indoors and rely on the foreign Persian media to humiliate their opposition.

The Musavi group, by relying on the power of the media and by gathering a bunch of artists, university professors, and even the families of martyrs, are trying to show that everyone supports their cause, when in fact it isn’t true.

For instance, they believe that someone like footballer Ali Karimi is capable of influencing the youth into voting for Musavi, as well as people like actresses Taraneh Alidoosti and Mahnaz Afshar, or the family of martyred Iran-Iraq war commander Hemmat. But what President Mahmud Ahmadinejad is capable of utilizing at the moment is the love and affection of the Iranian nation to Imam Hossein.

The sounds of people mourning may be heard all across Tehran these days. These mourning ceremonies may be used to unveil the true colors of this movement. The effect of this action is such that the supporters of this movement shall not dare to show up in the streets again.

The broadcasting of the crimes of this movement, which have not yet been shown even by state media, could prove effective as well.
The Green group, which has shattered the holiness of all religious beliefs, shall not be defeated that easily. They are the cause of Iran’s ruined image in the world and are responsible for several other irreparable damages. The state broadcaster IRIB, despite of its recent good strategies, has yet failed to reveal the true colors of this movement.

All in all, the spirit of affection toward Imam Hossein is what could truly demolish this movement formed by the enemies of the nation.

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