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Who says the blogosphere is indifferent to what is happening in Moldova? There are a lot of online resources available for diehard Moldova watchers.

Intute (slogan: "Helping you find the best websites for study and research") published a collection of some of the available resources. It includes links to two Moldovan NGOs that have been tracking (and will continue to track) alleged campaign and voting irregularities: the Association for Participatory Democracy in Moldova and the League for the Defense of Human Rights of Moldova.

The Intute site also has a thorough list of sites covering Moldovan politics generally and of official Moldovan sites.

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) site has a Moldovan "election guide" with good background resources and a news feed.

Analyst Nicu Popescu of the European Council of Foreign Relations has an excellent, link-rich post on the Moldova situation. While you're there, check out his posts on the European Union's Eastern Partnership program. Meaty stuff.

UPDATE: We inadvertently left "Morning in Moldova" off our list. Apologies.

-- Robert Coalson