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Praying For Strength

9:30 p.m. local time (5:30 p.m. GMT)

I found out that the Russian soldiers, stationed at the Seventh Kilometer checkpoint, were digging ditches around the checkpoint today, and it is now fenced off. Turns out an excavator was working for most part of the day, and the ditches -- as well as the trenches -- were significantly deepened. Three armored vehicles are stationed in these ditches. The soldiers have Sputnik portable antennas with them, which suggests they are watching television.

A lot of people went to Poti's Cathedral Church today, to attend the service. These days, the priests who deliver sermons there are mostly calling for patience and strength. During Soviet times, the church building was allocated to a theater, and it was only several years ago that it regained its original function, having been returned to the church.

It rained here, so the weather has cooled off. I passed by the port on the way home. The sea was calm. I hope the thunder and lightning do not continue for too long, as this is not the most pleasant sound for Poti residents right now. Almost everyone is still frightened, and thinks the sound is Russian helicopters.