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Preparing The Human Chain

11 a.m. local time (7 a.m. GMT)

Like all other towns throughout Georgia, Poti is getting ready for the big demonstration today. At exactly 3 p.m., a human chain is to be formed in order to protest Russia's actions. The streets of Poti are filling with people -- not just in the center, but also on the outskirts. They are holding Georgian flags, and huge banners that say "Stop Russia." Many are accompanied by children -- there are a lot of 5-6-year-old kids on the streets, also waving Georgian flags.

The Russian checkpoints are still in place -- there's been no change whatsoever.

The human chain is supposed to reach the Seventh Kilometer, the place where one of the two Russian checkpoints is set up. I'll be present throughout the demonstration, and will report back all the details.