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Press Group Condemns Iran Effort To Gag Media

Images, like this screen shot from Britain's Channel 4, have come out despite official efforts to prevent media coverage.
In a June 17 statement, "IPI Calls for End to Media Crackdown in Iran," the International Press Institute has challenged Iranian authorities to "honor their reassurances, made earlier in the wek, that journalists would be allowed to report freely on developments in the country."

It also suggests such efforts are doomed to fail despite "disturbing reports of widespread interference with the media, including Internet site blocking, jamming of satellite broadcasts, office raids, brief arrests and several reported police beatings."

"In a world where news is instant, it is deeply depressing to see a government still seeking to prevent the free flow of information without realizing it is already seeping out through every pore and fissure in Iranian society," International Press Institute director David Dadge is quoted as saying.