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Prisoners Spend Their Days In Line

Blogger and journalist Zhila Baniyaghoub writes about the condition her husband, "Bahman Amouei," and other political prisoners face in Tehran's overcrowded Evin prison. Amouei is among the hundreds of journalists and activists arrested in the postelection crackdown:

I've heard some of the prisoners are going to be released soon. I'm happy for their freedom, both for them as well as those who still stay in the prison.

We do not have any hope for the freedom of Bahman, we just hope the release of others would make it easier to those still imprisoned.

Bahman says he, along with 40 others are imprisoned in a cell less than 20 meters square. He says their whole day is wasted in lines; queuing for the toilet, queuing for the showers, and queuing for the telephone....

Their condition is so harsh that he envies Masud and Ahmad, who got transferred to the Rajai Shahr prison. They would at least be able to spread their legs.

I asked if he read books there. He retorted with another question, "Do you think it's possible to read in such conditions?"

I, therefore, hope for the trend of releasing prisoners to continue, as it would also be helpful to those still in detention.

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