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Prophet's Daughter Herself Would Have Been Disqualified

Safahatekhali asks how Iran's election vetters would have ruled had Fatimah applied to run in the June presidential election:

Yesterday, when I was going to visit a friend, I saw some men in black who were dressing the city in black on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of Fatimah Zahra [the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad]. I also saw motorcycles and cars that were carrying pictures of their favorite candidates and campaigning for them.

I told myself: "You who care so much for Fatimah Zahra and mourn her death these days: If she were alive now and had registered her candidacy for the presidential vote, you would have disqualified her and told her, 'Sit at home, woman, and cook.'" [Editor's note: All of the roughly 40 women who registered candidacies for the June 12 presidential vote were disqualified by the Guardians Council.]

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