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Question Of The Day: Why Don't Mullahs Die Young?

ZarehBiin wonders aloud about the (public) secret to Iranian clerics' longevity:

Have you ever asked yourself why it is that none of these mullahs ever dies young? Almost every one of them reaches the age of at least 70. Some of them even get over 100.

The answer to these questions is not that difficult. They spend each and every day of their lives surviving on donations, eating and resting without doing any physical work while sort of guiding people. The result is clearly what we see in Iran today.

If they so desire, they climb the ladder of politics. And if all that they want to do is religious work, they aren't obliged to work hard a single day -- because they're not required to!

Writing a single book of guidance gains them hundreds of followers, and that's enough for their living expenses. Just take a look at a mullah's hands for once, and you'll notices how soft they are! Just because of the fact that they have never worked and have never been stressed out by work.

Neither do they face any trouble, nor any other problem. And hence they are the ones who live such long lives that even the death angel is beat. Almost none of them die young; they all live long lives.

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