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Remembering Friends Who Remain Behind Bars

Evin prison in Tehran
Evin prison in Tehran
Blogger Haminjuri (Just like that) writes about his friends who remain in jail after being arrested in the postelection crackdown.

It’s been a while since my friends were divided into two categories: the ones inside the walls and the ones on the outside, meaning those who are in detention and those who seem to be free.

When I think about it, I realize that following the June vote, most of my friends were arrested and detained along with many other innocent people. Each time one of them is released, you feel the joy until you are reminded that there are many other innocent ones who remain inside, and the pressure continues.

Even now, when I think of the victims of the crackdown, I see a lot of acquaintances among them. The closest ones would be Mehdi Shirzad and Ali Pir Husseinlo. These are my old friends, both of whom, by the way, graduated in sociology before I did.

How long is this nonsensical game of arresting people and putting them on trial going to continue, and how many more victims will there be? I don’t know. I don’t know what we can do when we’re being suppressed so openly and outrageously. Perhaps the least possible thing to do is to write about them, about their innocence, and ask for their freedom. Something that a bunch of sociology students are doing for Mehdi, and a number of friends for Ali.

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