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Russian Owners Of Destroyed Homes To Watch Rebuilding Online

A man sits amid the ruins of his home after the spread of a forest fire from Kazakhstan to the village of Nikolaevka.
BARNAUL, Russia -- The government of Russia's Altai Krai has promised to set up a web-camera system so that residents of the burned down town of Nikolaevka can monitor how their homes are being rebuilt, RFE/RL's Russian Service reports.

Konstantin Korolevsky, the deputy minister of regional development, said in Barnaul on September 11 that the government will mount several web cameras so that construction of the new houses can be viewed by the homeowners on a government website.

On September 8, a new wave of fires spread from Kazakhstan north into Altai Krai, destroying more than 300 homes in Nikolaevka.

Some 1.4 billion rubles ($45.6 million) has been allocated for reconstruction efforts. The regional government says about half the residents who lost their homes have opted for reconstruction and the others have chosen compensation. The government says reconstruction will be completed by late November.

The central government placed several web-based cameras in some villages south of Moscow that were heavily damaged in this summer's devastating fires. Some viewers complained that they were unable to download the streaming video of the reconstruction.