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Satellite Dishes And Dangerous Ambulances

E-mail to Radio Farda on June 17. As with all of the comments, tweets, and other messages coming out of Iran, RFE/RL has not independently confirmed their accuracy.

News from Iran
Throngs of them have poured into Niyavaran and Farmaniye, and are confiscating all the satellite antennas. They want to clean all of Tehran of satellite antennas. It is recommended to keep your doors shut to strangers. Please inform everyone by telephone.

Everyone, this is a vital piece of news from Tehran: The Health Ministry has passed a statement for all the ambulances to take the wounded to the Revolutionary Guards hospital; do not use ambulances but take the wounded by car. This news has been confirmed. It is recommended that you take the wounded straight to hospitals by car, as ambulances are no longer reliable and the wounded might, after all, disappear.

They attacked the university dormitory in Shiraz, killing a girl and arresting 80-90 people. They [security forces] have shut down the university, dormitories, and attacked the library a few times with tear gas. Students and professors are protesting.