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Six-Year-Old 'Princess' Is An Obama Fan

Water Waves Land in Mashhad
Water Waves Land in Mashhad
Precocious schoolgirl and blogger Parmida Mostafaei -- known as "Prances" (Princess) -- mulls school, water sports, and America's new president:

My parents took me to "Kherad," a primary school where I have been admitted to start my first year of schooling.

I saw Obama when I was watching television; I like Barak Obama very much. But not Ahmadinejad; I don't like him at all.

We came to Mashhad and my dad took me to Imam Reza's shrine. It had a very big yard. When we got in, my mom pointed out the grave of Imam Reza. A throng of people surrounded it. We went to the yard afterward and I played with a few people.

We went to [indoor water park] Water Waves Land before that. It was real excitement.

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