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Speaking Out At Friday Prayers

Worshipers shout slogans during Friday Prayers in Tehran last month.
Worshipers shout slogans during Friday Prayers in Tehran last month.
Davod writes at Inharfa that those protesting the June 12 presidential election results should use the Friday Prayers to make their voice heard:

No one but only we could end the suffering.

We ought to use all legal, religious, and national paths in order to convey our clear voice to the world, under a circumstance where even a single voice raised from the green nation of Iran is censored.

Let's say that three Fridays a month belong to the tormenters, where they can talk about threatening and intimidating the fighters. In the previous Friday Prayers, there was a rumbling among the supporters of the dictator that if [Ali Akbar] Hashemi Rafsanjani shows up at Friday Prayers they would all get up and leave.

With the presence of Ayatollah Rafsanjani this week at Friday Prayers, the primary victim of the election coup, it would be a great chance for the fighters to make use of this political, religious, and official platform and raise their opposition.

It is expected from Ayatollah Rafsanjani to stay peaceful and not to take an opposing position or raise the topic of the election in his Friday speech, since the presence of green supporters of [presidential candidate] Mir Hossein Musavi and their apposite slogans out there would be sufficient for this voice to be well heard.

I request all the young fighters of Tehran and even those who live in the suburbs to appear at Friday Prayers this week and I hope the oppressors will not prevent the appearance of Rafsanjani at the prayers.

This would be the first chance for the combatants to illustrate their hostility in such a manner inside the Islamic republic using an official platform. We should consider this one opportunity sufficient. The presence of millions of Iranians at this ceremony would bring a lot of encouragement and support for the green people. Anything for Iran!

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