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Support For Iranian Opposition On Facebook

Support for Iran's opposition has gone global, with sympathy protests scheduled in at least 14 countries this week.

Much of what is happening is on Facebook.

As one young Czech woman Tereza Stejskalova told RFE/RL's Radio Farda on June 15, the time has come to work "for change."

Led by Stejskalova, a group of Czech university students created a group on Facebook called "Neni mi jedno, co se deje v Iranu. I care about what's going on in Iran."

Stejskalova said her Iranian friends in Prague "are interested in Czech politics," so she and her Czech friends "are interested in Iranian politics."

They established the group on Facebook to "express solidarity with the demonstrators" after watching what she called the "outrageous" footage of police attacking demonstrators.

The group quickly became a resource for non-Persian speakers trying to follow the latest news, photos, and videos circulating on the web and has attracted 224 members in four days.