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'Tell Musavi To Quit The Killings'

Iran has severely restricted the ability of foreign media to report from Tehran, necessitating a greater reliance on the reports of citizen journalists and impassioned listeners. While every effort has been made to do so, RFE/RL cannot vouch for the accuracy or authenticity of user-generated content, which appears below in orange type.

E-mails and voicemails sent to Radio Farda on July 3:

As you are able to distribute critical information, please encourage people to protest by removing their antennas and boycotting the cunning Iranian Broadcasting Service. Hoping for a fair distribution of rights.

Please tell Mr. Musavi to step back. No matter how many times the elections are repeated, we shall always elect Ahmadinejad. Tell Musavi to quit the killings.


I want to announce the untruth in the word of the Iranian government. They have embarrassed us in front of the world. They claimed Neda's killer was her doctor who poisoned her and escaped to the U.K. They lie to an extent I could never imagine. I pity the Iranian nation.


The cunning Taliban purchases mere kids and blasts them using explosives to kill people. That is the flawless religion of the Wahhabis. Furthermore, Khamenei is no less evil than these souls! He has convinced these puppet Basijis to kill the unfortunate nation of Iran.


As we all witnessed, the Friday prayers was an unfair experience where the evil of the era, Ali Khamenei, along with his cunning assistants ordered the murder of our fellow nationals. The reason for his order -- which affects all the population, no matter old or young, male or female -- was merely the silent protests against the declaration of their rights and the stealth of their votes. Anyone who goes to Friday prayers this week is either a complete idiot or in full alliance with Khamenei, a criminal.


My dear fellow nationals, it is now the time for us to show the appropriate concern for those brave men and women who are suffering torture in prisons around Iran. Not only those, but the ones in Tehran and many other cities of Iran. Long live the nation that opposes cruelty and dictatorship, unconditionally. Show your concern to these people. Long live the Iranian nation.