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The Capitalist Son Of Europe's Last Communist President

President Vladimir Voronin has led Moldova's Communists back from the political graveyard.
For the past eight years, Moldova's Communist president has lashed out at neighboring Romania with the regularity of a Soviet-made watch.

Romania, Vladimir Voronin has said, was Europe's last empire; Romania was a would-be invader casting its greedy eye upon Europe's poorest country's riches; Romania was most recently the scheming neighbor behind the protests in Chisinau.

What Voronin has failed to mention is that, according to local media reports, Romania had been a rather good place for his son, Oleg, allegedly Moldova's richest man.

The Romanian newspaper "Adevarul" reports that Oleg Voronin made his first million dollars in the early 1990s importing sugar through his Romanian-registered companies, while his father was busy reshaping the Moldovan Communist Party for the 21st century.

According to the newspaper, Oleg Voronin apparently had even taken a loan from a Romanian bank, which he forgot to repay. Luckily, the bank later crashed.

Oleg is now a very successful businessman, who has harmoniously combined his father's Leninist teachings with the realities of wild capitalism.

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