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The Clock Is Ticking

Here's a reminder of the political timeline that Moldova's political leaders are facing from today, when the Central Election Commission was announcing the final results of the July 29 vote:

* Results must be sent and validated by the Constitutional Court within 10 days

* Complainants may challenge results before the Court of Appeals within those 10 days

* Once the results are validated, the president has 30 days to call the first session of the new parliament (so by August 28)

* The new parliament elects its leadership and begins work

* Although there is no explicit obligation to do so, parliament would "normally" elect a new president who would then propose a prime ministerial candidate after consultations with parliamentary parties.

Igor Botan, chairman of the Chisinau-based Association for Participatory Democracy and the source of this timeline, notes that much is up in the air and the president is not tightly constrained in nominating a prime minister.

-- Andy Heil