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The Sorrow Of Bread

Blogger Close-Up was surprised when he saw people standing in line for many hours for a little bit of soup:

A few days ago, I was walking in front of the Jameh Mosque when I saw a long line of pots, very much in order -- like you see in my second picture. It was very interesting; I was very surprised and I started asking about it.

I discovered that the long line was for ash (Editor's note: a thick Iranian soup) that would be distributed for religious purposes and that people had put their pots there so that no one overtook them in line. I took a few pictures and the owner of the ash told me to come back later.

When I came back at 5 p.m. and saw the scene, I couldn't believe that all of those women and children had simply for the [soup]. I thought a lot and felt ashamed of being Iranian.

I told myself that it's such a pity that a nation with such a long history and rich culture needs to turn out in this manner. I started taking pictures. And from the comments people made once the distribution of the [soup] started, I realized that these people were really hungry. And that's why they'd been standing for so many hours for a little bit of soup -- some were saying, "Please give us more, we're many." I regretted my previous thoughts.

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