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The Spirit Of Dissent, Then And Now

'For Your Freedom And Ours' -- The banner unfurled in Red Square in August 1968.

In the following six articles, three older generation dissidents -- Czech Anna Sabatova, Slovak Miroslav Kusy, and Russian Lyudmila Alekseyeva -- reflect on their experiences and what they mean for the struggle for freedom today. Three young-generation dissidents -- Russians Ilya Yashin and Aleksandr Gnezdilov and Belarusian Pavel Sevyarynets -- pay homage to the achievements of those who came before them and inspired their struggles for liberty today.

Principles Are A Powerful Weapon
(Miroslav Kusy)

From 1968 To Charter 77 To 1989 And Beyond
(Anna Sabatova)

Prague's Spirit Of Freedom and Freedom Of Spirit
(Pavel Sevyarynets)

Russia Still Waiting For Its 'Generation Of Freedom'
(Ilya Yashin)

Their Struggle Is Now Ours
(Aleksandr Gnezdilov)

How Our Dreams And Our Neighbors Were Lost
(Lyudmila Alekseyeva)

Prague Spring Video

End Of Prague Spring
Eyewitnesses To Invasion

On the 40th anniversary, two Czechs and two then-Soviet soldiers remember their parts in history. Play