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'There Is Absolutely No Reason For You To Celebrate'

Iran has severely restricted the ability of foreign media to report from Tehran, necessitating a greater reliance on the reports of citizen journalists and impassioned listeners. While every effort has been made to do so, RFE/RL cannot vouch for the accuracy or authenticity of user-generated content, which appears below in orange type.

Voicemails left with Radio Farda on June 26. Many listeners decline to leave their names:

The only way to solve the crisis in Iran and convince people to leave the streets is to annul the election results.

They are literally killing us. The Iranian broadcasting service is constantly blabbering about the enemy, all day long. Who is the real enemy of the Iranian nation? No one but Khamenei, by God. There is nothing left for us but to die.

It's Habeeb, from southern Iran. I want to tell the enemy that there is no reason for them to be glad. The protests are the private concern of Iran and still people are ready to tear the world apart if our beloved leader asks them to do so. There is absolutely no reason for you to celebrate.